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Referrals may be done if your child is in need of more specialized care. In order to obtain a referral you must first be seen by your Primary Care Provider who will determine if it is medically necessary and provide you with the best specialty to cater to your child's needs. Curry Pediatrics cannot be responsible for the completion of prior authorizations or other insurance related issues for specialist care that was not approved by our providers, nor will we enforce recommendations made by a specialist that we did not recommend. Once you have been seen by the specialist, we will continually coordinate with them to ensure that the recommendations that have been made are effective in addressing the needs of your child. It is important to continue to follow up with Curry Pediatrics to maintain a safer and higher quality of medical care, even if you are seeing a specialist.


For information on covered specialist services contact your insurance provider.


M. T. Curry Pediatrics offers in office labs through Chesapeake Regional Hospital at our Chesapeake office.

Lab services include but are not limited to: routine blood draw at annual wellness exams, drug screening,  pregnancy testing & STI detection.

For more information on pricing visit the Laboratory Services page at Chesapeake Regional

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