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Having a baby is a new and exciting time for your family. We've compiled a list of the most commonly asked questions by expecting parents to help:

What is a Primary Care Physician?

    A primary care physician (PCP) is the first point of contact when your child has health concerns. They can diagnose and treat your child as well as refer your child out to specialists for more focused treatment. Your child's PCP will follow the patient throughout childhood and adolescence for all sick, wellness and continuing care. Your PCP will work closely with your family to help build a foundation for healthy relationships and habits that your child can carry into adulthood. 


How many providers are there? 

    We currently have four providers; Michelle Curry, MD, Kim Humphrey, FNP, Shannon Henry, CPNP & Arielle Iley, PA. To learn more about our providers click here.   

Mother Baby Bonding

How soon after birth do I need to bring the baby in?

    While appointment needs will vary based on your delivery, most newborns will need to be seen no more than 48 hours after being discharged from the hospital.  In most cases the hospital will require you to make an appointment for your newborn before you are discharged to go home. 

Do I need to tell the hospital I have chosen Curry Pediatrics as my child's Primary Care Provider?

    Yes. The hospital will need to know that you have chosen a Primary Care Provider (PCP) and made your child's newborn appointment before they will allow you to be released from the hospital. Please also ensure your insurance is aware of the doctors office you will be taking your newborn to so that they provide full coverage of your insurance claims. 

How do I become a patient? 

   Our patient registration is done entirely online. To register your newborn click here. Once we receive your registration we will create an account for your child, verify their insurance and call you back with an appointment time within 24 hours. 

What if I don't have insurance for my baby ? 

   As long as one parent has an active insurance policy that they will be adding the newborn to we can treat your child without them having their own coverage. Curry Pediatrics gives all new families who are pending full insurance enrollment 30 days to provide active insurance for their newborn. If neither parent is insured at the time of the initial exam the patient will be considered Self Pay and payment would be due upon check in. 

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