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Billing FAQ's

Do you take my insurance?

Curry Pediatrics is in network with the following insurance companies:



Aetna Better Healt FAMIS

Anthem BlueCross/BlueShield 

Anthem Health Keepers 

Anthem Health Keepers Plus FAMIS 

Assurant Health 

CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield 

Champ VA 



Golden Rule 

Magellan Complete Care FAMIS


Meritain Health 


One Net 

Optima Health Plan 

Optima Family Care FAMIS 


Tricare Select/Prime/Retired 

United Health Care 

United Health Care GEHA 

Virginia Premier Health Plan FAMIS

STATE (Medicaid):

Aetna Better Health of Virginia

Anthem Health Keepers Plus 

Anthem Health Keepers Plus CCC Plan

Magellan Complete Care 

Medicaid of Virginia 

Optima Health Community Care 

Optima Family Care 

United Healthcare Community Plan

Virginia Premier Elite Plus 

Virginia Premier Health Plan

If you do not see your plan name listed, you may contact your insurance carrier for a list of in network providers. 

What are the differences between HMO, PPO and HDHP insurance plans?

How does health insurance work?

If I pay self pay and then get insurance, can my visit be billed to my insurance so that I can receive a refund?

Curry Pediatrics does not issue refunds for services. Active insurance must be presented at the time of service if it is going to be billed. If the patient has recently gotten new insurance it may be used on present and future claims only. Newborn patients are the only exception to this policy. Backdated insurance for newborns must be provided to us as soon as possible for timely filing. Active insurance does not guarantee coverage of services. 

Why did I get a bill for a Preventative Care visit?

A preventive care visit is different from an office visit.

An office visit is to discuss or be treated for a specific health concern or chronic condition. If your insurance has a copay it will typically be due at an office visit. You may also be responsible for some of the cost of an office visit as part of your deductible and/or coinsurance. 

A preventive visit is to review your overall health, identify health risks, and to discuss how to stay healthy. Most insurance companies cover preventative care at 100%, as long as you see a healthcare provider that is in your plan network.

Our providers do not address chronic conditions during wellness exams, but we are required to complete certain tests and screenings during a well check, so there is a possibility that non-covered concerns may arise while performing these duties. Normally if this happens, we will document our findings in the patient's chart and schedule a follow up so that we can monitor the concern at a later date, but in some cases we must address our finding at the time of the appointment for the safety of the patient.

In these instances, you may receive a bill for those portions of the visit OR if your insurance does not cover certain required procedures (i.e., vision screening, vaccines, etc.).

If you would like a break down of your coverage, you may contact a customer representative by calling the Member Services number on the back of your insurance card. 

How do I pay my bill?

Bills can be paid here, by phone or by mail. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Cash, Checks, Money Orders, HSA and Flex Spending cards. Checks can be made payable to M. T. Curry INC.

How long do I have to pay my bill?

Bills are due upon receipt and no later than 30 days after the statement date. Past due accounts may be forwarded to collections with interest. 

Why did my bill go to collections?

Statements are sent via mail & email. Our billing team is small, but we try to send statements every 30 days, for 90 days. Accounts do not get forwarded to collections until the balance has aged past that point without any form of payment being made to our office. We do a courtesy text as a final attempt to settle the account with the practice prior to entering any account into collections. We give guarantors 3 business days from the date of our text to contact our office for payment. If if after this process has been completed we are still unable to collect the balance, we will forward the account to collections with interest. Interest varies and depends on the age of the outstanding balance. 

If my account went to collections, can I still make payment to the office?

No. Curry Pediatrics only receives monthly reports of account status once entered into collections and bills that have gone to collections accrue interest over time. Because of this we insist payment be made directly to the collections agency so that the correct amount is collected. If your account has gone to collections and you would like to make a payment you can reach a customer service agent at 800-282-3214.

I have an outstanding balance, but I can't afford to pay in full. Can my child still be seen?

Yes. Curry Pediatrics does not turn away patients for outstanding balances, however if an account is past due we require that some form of payment be provided before additional services are rendered. If you are unable to pay an outstanding balance at the time of service you may ask to speak to our billing office to go over payment options or set up a payment arrangement. If your account has gone to collections you may set up payment arrangements with them directly by calling 800-282-3214.

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